When and where to walk The walking dead season 6 Episode 2

watch walking dead season 6 episode 2
the question is how long? as they might run out of ammo. Carl is getting ready to fight but Carol tells him to take care of baby judith. Another sneak peek videos shows before the attack when rick went for a dry run for his plan. As carl was pushing Judith in her stroller he’s approached by Fr. Gabriel who apologizes for his comments about Deanna carl’s group and showed his interest to help and learn. Carl however wantred to talk to others before deciding anything. After a change of heart carl return to Fr. Gabriel to learn how to use a machete. Another sneak peak which released hints the objective of episode 2 The clip shows Enid, teen to hangs out with Carl. She kills a walker outside of the car and get into the car and write “JSS” on the window.

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   Amc The Walking dead season 7                                   The Walking dead season 7 Episode 1 

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 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be 

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