Walking Dead will use digital effect

Nicotero, who is designing the undead on both above shows, said: „ We have now reached a point where we need to digitally change some of the walkers. We´re adjusting the space under ribcages, moving noses and leaving cavities. These are sort of changes in the style of Bernie Wrightson. All these adjustments give us more flexibility and make things more interesting.“

He also says: „With each season we adjust the walkers. We play with teeth a lot, keep changing their look, so every season the walkers look a bit different, more decayed. For example we have added sagging flesh to arms, so it looks like the flesh is about to fall off.

But we have been told by showrunner Scott (M. Gimple) that the walkers can never be in a Ray Harryhausen style. The walkers always need to have some flesh, some muscles that keep the body moving.“

To explain the above references to those unfamiliar with the names, Ray Harryhausen was a man who created a lot of effects during 50s and 60s, including ´walking skeletons´ in movie Jason and the Argonauts. As the Walking Dead is show with zombies, not making them into skeletons is quite a clever decision. Bernie Wrightson was one of the first artists who were making horror comic books. A lot from his style of making zombies is used till now. Some examples can be the Creepshow or Swamp Thing.

As mentioned by Nicotero, this season will also involve much more walkers than any previous ones – in the shooting they used around 300 walkers at once. According to the showrunner, the zombies will become even more threatening than before, which does not sound good for the inhabitants of Alexandria Safe Zone. It will however be very exciting for all of us watching the show .

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