Walking dead season 6 Episode 8 sneek preview

“Start to Finish” after having a relatively moment of peaceful life the resident of Alexandria ends up in trouble again. This time around situation is “too big to defeat”. A herd of walkers breaks into Alexandria. Rick, Gabriel, Carl, Jessie and her kids Sam and Ron attempts to escapes and disguise as walkers. Sam couldn’t hold on and get noticed and bit by walkers,

Jessie in an attempt to save Sam, since it was too late to save, Rick cut her hand and after seeing this Ron tries to shoot Rick but Carl comes in between and get shot in the eye. This forces Michonne to kill Ron. It can be seen that Rick attacks the walkers and Alexandrian help him.

                Upcoming season                                                                       Upcoming  Episode

   Amc The Walking dead season 7                                   The Walking dead season 7 Episode 1 

       Name of the Upcoming Episode

 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be 

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