Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 “Heads Up”

As Glenn was trapped by walkers he handled the situation by moving slowly under a dumpster as the walkers were engaged in eating Nicholas’ corpse. He came across Enid, who flees after giving him some supplies. Glenn chases her and convinces her to come back with him to Alexandria, but they find the safe house ringed by walkers. At Alexandria, Rick questioned Morgan if he had set free any of the wolves describing how he was trapped at the RV. Morgan accepts and defends his action. Meantime, Rosita started teaching Alexandrian how to fight and tries to convince Eugene as well.

Ron, after leaning how to shoot from Rick, steals bullets from the armory. At the wall, Spencer struggle to sneak out of Alexandria but is compelled to come back after the line snaps. Carol oppose Morgan after finding out that he is holding a prisoner. Ron started stalking Carl with his gun. On the other hand, Glenn and Enid in an effort to reconnect with the group releases several balloons to signal their location, Maggie knew Glenn is still alive. Yet, at the moment, the impaired church tower started falling apart, alarming as this could breach the wall.

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 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be 

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