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Alexandrians cleaning up the destruction precipitate by the wolf invasion, Rick almost arrived before walkers’ mob. Seeing walkers at the gates, Rick motivates the Alexandrians to stay tough, and walkers cannot breach through the walls as only half of them were left. Aaron accepts in front of everyone that he negligently led the wolves to Alexandria. Self confidence begins to crumble amoungst Alexandrians, and spencer hardly able to persuade anxious Alexandrians from burglarize their food stores. Aaron make a decision to help Maggie’s hunt for Glenn and shows her an old sewer which can be used to circumvent the walkers. They noticed that the exit was cut off by the walkers, Maggie gives up in desparation.


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Deanna and Spencer had a brawl, with spencer blaming Deanna’s unrealistic belief for getting Aidan and Reg killed. Carl ask Ron to help him in finding Enid but Ron rubbishes it and scare him that he will inform Rick if he leaves Alexandria. Denise loosing her courage as a doctor but Tara give a pointer to Denise that “Being afraid Sucks” and Denise carried on and find a way to save Scott from his wound. Jessie goes to check in on a neighbour but finds that she had committed suicide and turned into a walker and after killer the walker she advices everybody to prepare themselves for new circumstances and to survive.

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Ron tells Rick about Carl’s plan to hunt for Enid and asks him to teach Carl how to shoot. Same night, Deanna got attacked by a walker and in outburst she kills it with a bottle and just as Rick arrives. Deanna expresses herself that she wants Alexandria to survive and if being visionary is insane. To which Rick said she is not. Maggie still not convinced that Glen is dead and Aaron proposes to name her baby after him as she was pregnant. Rick visits and kisses Jessie after their short talks. Deanna glares at the walkers at the gates and walks away without noticing small cracks in the wall.

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