Walking dead season 6 Episode 2 sneak preview – “JSS”

Walking dead season 6 Episode 2 – Full Episode

In a falshback shows after surviving walker attack and seeing her parents die,she comes to Alexandria. At present, Ron blaming Rick for Pete’s death and was having an argument with Jessie over this. Maggie helping Deanna to overcome with the loss of Reg. Eugene and Tara meet up with Denise – the towns new doctor. Carl becoming jealous of ron and Enid’s relationship. All of a sudden the Wolves attack Alexandria by climbing the walls and killing everybody they come across. At Tower, Spencer saw a truck approaching the gate and opened fire, killign the
driver and accidentally activating hte truck’s horn, which gets the walkers’ attention. Morgan being advised by Rick to return to the town but he choose to return to Alexandria and join Carol, who tells them to reach armory before the wolves do.

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Carl after saving Ron from the wolves offer safety to him in his house but Ron refuses and leaves on his own. Jessie kills a wolf at her place in self defense. Morgan saves Fr. Gabriel and Carol secures the armory and start distributing guns ot the survivors. As they start to fight back, Morgan encounters a member of the wolves whom he had met
earlier, and convinces him to retreat. pointing out how the Alexandrian have guns and the wolves do not. Aaron finds his pack on one of the wolves and realises that it was because of him the wolves found Alexandria. After the fight off witht he Wolves, Alexandrian starts to clean up.

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 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be 

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