Walking dead season 5 Episode 9 – What happened and What´s Going On

Walking dead season 5 Episode 9 – Putlocker

Everybody is shocked and sad after what happened at the hospital. To honor Beth´s promise they tell Noah that Rick, Tyreese, Glen and Michonne will travel with him to his hometown not far away from Richmond. As they arrive there, they find that there are only walkers in the town. This is a great shock for Noah, who suddenly starts running to his home. Tyreese runs after him and finds him standing inside looking at the remains of his mother and his twin brothers. Tyresse goes to look around the house and is attacked and bitten by one of Noah´s brothers who turned into a walker. Noah gets rid of the walker and runs to find the rest of the group who are searching the town for some supplies. Tyreese is having halucinations caused by strong bleeding. IN his halucinations he sees Martin, Bob, The Governor, Lizzie, Mika, and Beth. They try to calm him down saying that it will all be fine except for Martin and the Governor, who are trying to challenge his character and his strenght by reminding him of his past.


What happened and What´s Going On – Amc

In the meantime Michonne keeps saying that she would like to stay at one place as she is tired of the neverending travelling. Her suggestion to stay in this town is challenged by Rick who points out that they would not be able to defend themselves against walkers. Michonne then suggests to go to Washington, pointing out that maybe Eugene lied about the cure, but he was right when he said that Washington is the best place for surviving all of this. Rick agrees but they are interrupted by Noah who calls for help. In an attempt to save Tyreese Michone amputates his arm. They manage to escape from walkers. ON the way back to the rest of the group Tyreese dies. The group then burries him.

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