Walking dead season 5 Episode 8 – “Coda”

Rick goes after Lamson in his car, runs him over and shoots. Rick then persuades the other two officers to lie to Dawn about Lamson´s death. They agree because they fear Dawn´s reaction to the truth.

At the hospital Beth and Dawn talk about recent events at the hospital. Dawn tries to explain that by covering up GOrdon´s death she was trying to protect her. Their conversation is overheard by a new officer O´Donnell. He tries to take advantage of it and blackmail Dawn. Beth and Dawn manage to kill him. Beth then acuses Dawn of manipulating her and tells her that she intends to escape.

After leaving the church Gabriel goes to old camp used by Gareth and his group. He finds there Bob´s roasted leg and heads back to the church. He is followed by a large group fo walkers who

managed to escape from a school. Carl and MIchonne let Gabriel in but the walkers follow and they are forced to escape through Gabriel´s exit. They then manage to lock the walkers in the church with help of Abraham and his group who just came. Glenn then tells everyone the truth about Eugene´s mission and MIchone informs Maggie that Beth is in the hospital in Atlanta.

Rick and his group go to the hospital to meet with Dawn and her officers. They succesfully exchange the officers for Carol with Beth, but then Dawn suddenly starts asking for Noah to return to the hospital. Rick is not willing to agree, but Noah offers to stay. Dawn is stabbed by Beth with scissors and shoots her. She is then immediately shot by angry Daryl. Everyone is getting ready to fight but then officers decide to stand down and Rick and his group leave the hospital. Outside they meet with Abrahams group. When seeing Beth´s body, Maggie colapses.

IN the post cresdit scene Morgan comes to Gabriel´s church, where he finds Abraham´s map intended for Rick

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