Walking dead season 5 Episode 10 – “Them”

Walking dead season 5 Episode 10 – Amc

The group is driving in a van to Washington DC, when the van breaks down and they ave to continue walking. As they are very tired and with only a few supplies, they start to doubt if they can survive the journey. And the deaths of Beth and Tyreese not so long ago adds to the low spirit of the group. AS they travel, they are closely followed by a herd of walkers. Rick comes up with a plan to get rid of them by making them fall of the bridge. But Sasha turns and attacks the walkers with knife adn the rest of the group needs to attack the walkers in order to survive. Sasha is then told off by Michone for being reckless and Michone warns her that she might end up like her brother. As the group takes a rest, a group of feral dogs come near and are killed by Sasha. The group then eats the dog meat. Daryl, driven by griev and emotions starts to hurt himself. While away from the group, Daryl finds a barn in the woods and returns back to the group to tell them about it.


They find water bottles lying in the middle of a road with a note saying from a friend. The group decides to leave the water as it might be a trap. Suddenly it starts raining allowing the group to catch the rainwater. But the rain soon turns into a huge thunderstorm. The group takes the water bottles and hide in the barn. As they wait there, Rick tells the group that in order to survive they have to do what they have to do and they should think of themselves as „the walking dead“. Daryl sees a group of walkers coming to the barn. The group manages to baricade the door. The next morning they discover that the storm decimated all the walkers. Maggie and Sasha go out to watch a sunrise. A man comes to them, introduces himself as Aaron and asks to talk to Rick.

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