Walking dead season 5 Episode 10 – “Them”

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The Flashback shows Morgan’s life. After burning down his house out of madness, he builds a camp in the forest and any walker come his way and even the son and father. While hunting in the forest he came across a cabin and the resident of the cabin “Eastman” manages to trap him in a cell. East was a forensic psychologist and lives with his goat, Tabitha. He was found of learning to make cheese and practicing “aikido”. Eastman believes that every human being is valuable.

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He later divulges that he never locked the cell and it was open all this time. Morgan after coming out of the cell pounces on Eastman who beat back the attack. Eastman gave his final terms to Morgan to either stay or leave. In return, Morgan went back to his cell and closes the door. The Following day, Morgan jumped out of the cell to save Tabitha from a walker and came across a graveyard where Eastman has buried many walkers.

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They both made a connection as Eastman started teaching aikido to Morgan, who felt better than before. When they both decided to rummage Morgan’s camp, Morgan started feeling his agony so Eastman orders him to practice aikido there itself. Morgan saw a walker approaching him and got benumbed in guilt after realizing it’s the son he killed, Eastman intervenes and kills the walker.


However Eastman got bitten by the walker. Morgan fiercely reprimand Eastman for ordering him to practice aikido at that time and putting himself in Danger. In the forest, Morgan return from his Post Traumatic stress behaviour and saves a couple from a walker attack. He then set back to Eastman house and kills a walker who had feasted on Tabitha. Eastman reveals the secret about the cabin to Morgan.

He kept a psychopath who killed his whole family and starved him to death. Later on he decided not to kill anyone as this act didn’t bring any peace to him. Eastman getting weaker every moment decides to presents his cabin to Morgan and advises him not to live alone. Eastman then decided to die and point Morgan toward his gun location.

Morgan leaves the cabin and came across a sign pointing direction towards Terminus. Ain the Present, Morgan communicate his story to the Wolves leader in a hope that he will change for good.


The Wolf admitted that he is wounded and could die but advise that he would kill Morgan and the Alexandrians if he survives

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