Walking dead season 4 episode 9 – After

Walking dead season 4 episode 9 – After

Michonne returns to the prison with walkers camouflage and saw Hershel’s zombified head and leave without entering the Prison. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl encounter a diner and went in to collect supplies and kills a walker. They discover a reside in a house and Carl got angry on his father. Michonne finds Rick and Carl’s footprint but turns away from their trail. She later saw a nightmare that before the apocalypse she lived with her son and Mike and close associate Terry, the latter two eventually became the walkers pets after their death. Carl tries to awaken his father but no use. After hearing the noise two walkers started banging the door and Carl lures them away and get into a fight with the third walker and kills all three of them. After Rick gains conscious Carl tells his father about his inability to protect his own people and says he would be fine if Rick died. Carl travels to another house and nearly escapes a walker and ran out of ammunition. Same night Rick groans and reach out to Carl who think his father had reanimated nut Carl couldn’t shoot him.  Carl admits his weekness and realize that Rick is alive. Rick acknowledges Carl’s ability to survive and apologizes to him. Carl replies him that there’s no need to do so. Michonne regains her will and kill the small herd of walkers she was travelling with and also eliminated her Pets and started pursuing the trail of Rick and Carl. She find the location and knocks the door and Rick after looking through the hole tells Carl, it’s for you.

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 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be 

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