Walking dead season 3 episode 9 – The suicide king

Walking dead season 3 episode 9 – The suicide king

While the two fight of in the arena. Daryl and Merle fight off the walkers and Rick and Maggie return to rescue them. Shots are fired and Maggie kills Haley. Merle is rescued. On the way back to prison Glenn and Michonne mounts tension as merle is returning with them. Daryl explains that if they fight with the Governor again Merle will be useful. Rick and others refuse to take Merle back to the Prison. Daryl refuses to leave his brother and part ways from the group even after Rick pleads him to stay.

Michonne refuses to talk to Rick which made him angry and threatens to turn her out once her wounds are patched. Residents on Woodbury are frightened and wanted to leave through the gate but are threatened at gun point by the security. Andrea tries to calm things down. In the Confusion, one of the resident is bitten by walkers who sneaked in the breach merle made when he led Rick’s group out of the compound. Andrea kills both the walkers. While the resident pledges for help, the Governor came out from his room and shoots him in his head and went back without saying anything.

Rick and all others returns to the Prison, carl and Carol greet them. Beth worried about the new born Judith and wonders what if Governor attacks the Prison. Tyreese pleads to stay but Rick refuses. Hershel puuld Rick aside and implores him to accept them into the prison. Rick appears to reconsider but sees an apparition of Lori. Rick, whose hallucination and violent outburst frighten the two groups. Glenn urges the group to leave.

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