Walking dead season 3 episode 5 – Say the word

Walking dead season 3 episode 5 – Say the word

The Governor hosts a party for the residents, which Andrea enjoys. Michonne breaks into Governor’s house to get

his sword which he’s been displaying in a curio. She overheard a coversation between the Governor, his assistant, Milton and

Merle, which leads her to discover a small group of walkers, she eliminates them quickly. After the incident the Governor request Michonne to stay but instead Michonne take the sword and threatens the Governor by placing the sword up to his neck. Michonne and Andrea were ready to leave but then Andrea decides to stay at woodbury as she fear for her life outside. Michonne decides to leave on her own. At a gathering Andrea is disturbed to witness that toothless walkers are used to fight the resident for entertainment and to boost their morale. Back at the prison, everyone was sad for their losses. Rick abandons his parental duties so Daryl steps up as a new leader. Daryl takes Maggie on a scavenger run to obtain infant formula and supplies for the new born and succeeded. Glenn, Axel and Oscar dig graves for Lori and T-Dog. Rick went to the boiler room where Lori died and awakens from a Doze by the ringing telephone which he answers.


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