Walking dead season 3 episode 4 – Killer within

Walking dead season 3 episode 4 – Killer within

Axel begs Rick to let him and Oscar join the group. T-Dog is the only one who is willing to let them in but

fails to convince others. While the group admiring Hershel’s determination they were taken by surprize by

the group of walkers approaching towards them and they all were scattered and flee for cover. Rick on his return from

outside find the gates open and the chains cut and started suspecting Axel and Oscar for it. As more walkers are

attracted by the alarm, the group depends on the prisoner to find the generators to shut them. OScar leads Rick and Daryl to the generator room.

Rick was surprized to Andrew to let the walkers enter from the other side of the prison. Oscar takes Rick’s gun and shoots Andrew.

Meanwhile T-Dog tries to close the gate and gets bitten. He and carol escapes but faced more walkers. T-Dog sacrifices himself to save carol and her

head wrap falls off. Daryl finds the head wrap and assumes she got killed. Maggie, Lori and Carl end up hiding

in the boiler room. Lori goes into labour but due to complication she insists maggie to perform an

emergency caesarean section. Lori did not survive the procedure and carl is forced to shoot Lori in the head before she

Reanimates. When the group reunites, Rick hear baby’s cry. Maggie and Carl appear with the new born. Rick learns

of his wife’s death and collapses with grief. Back at Woodbury, Andrea grows closer to the Governor and puts off a planned departure,

despite michonne’s increasing suspicions of the man.


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