Walking dead season 3 episode 3 – Walk with me

Walking dead season 3 episode 3 – Walk with me

Andrea and Michonne seaa a helicopter crash into the forest and while investigating the crash a group

of men arrive. The man killed various walkers, Michonne killed her two pet walkers in order to remain

hidden from the group. They noticed Merle Dixon, Daryl’s missing brother a part of the group and

Andrea faints and they both got captured by the group and were taken to Woodbury town which has

73 residents. They were treated with Hospitality and the leader of the community known as the Governor, tries to win

over the two women but Michonne remains wary. The only survivor of the crash, Welles, informs the Governor that

he was scouting for a group of ten soldiers who survived their group being overrun. The Governor leads a team to Welles,

and kkills them all for their vehicle, weapons and supplies and after returning tells the everyone that they were

killed by the walkers. Michonne continues to disturst him, while andrea was happy about her new home.

In his residence same evening, governor rests with glass of whisky in a private room watching the aquariums

filled with walker heads including welles.

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