Walking dead season 3 episode 2 – Sick

Walking dead season 3 episode 2 – Sick

While Rick, maggie and Glenn aid the injured hershel, T-Dog and Daryle confront with the prisoners.

After bringing Hershel back to the cell, Rick tells the prisoners their 10 months struggle against the walkers.

Tomas whose the leader of the five prisoners show extreme tension with Rick but later came to an agreement.

Rick, Daryl and T-Dog will clear a cell block for the prisoner in exchange for half of the pantry food.

Rick wans the prisoners to stay away from the group. The prisoners shwed their fighting skills while taking

out multiple walkers, a prisoner named Big Tiny got scrathed by a walker. while discussing with rick, Tomas,

kills big tiny on the spot and rick and daryl see tomas as a threat and are ready to kill him if necessary.

Thus, after tomas sets rick up to die, Rick kills Tomas. Another prisoners tries to revolt but is outnumbered and

flees towards walker infested yard and Rick leaves him to his fate. The remaining two prisoners, Axel and Oscar,

where sent to the cell block as promised. Maggie feels Hershel willl not survive. When all of them returned to the group,

Hershel awakens as Lori gives him CPR and Rick thanks Lori for her heroics.

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