Walking dead season 3 episode 12 – Clear

Walking dead season 3 episode 12 – Clear

Rick, Carl and Michonne travel to King county to bring weapons to fight the Governor. On the way they saw a backpacker who begged them to stop but they drive pass him. Carl questioned Rick as to why he brought Michonne along, Rick tries to convince carl by saying they got common interest, Michonne appreciates that Rick is trying to connect with her. A masked man attacks the group at King county but is shot by Carl. The man turned out to be Morgan, the man who originally saved Rick. The group brings Morgan to his house and Morgan he simply unconscious as he was wearing bullet-proof vest and raided his gun supply. Carl and Michonne go on a run to get a crib for Judith. First they go to a café where they fins a photograph of the Grimes family, they fight through the walkers and retrieve the Photo. Meanwhile, Morgan wakes and up and has an alteration with Rick and stabs him in his shoulder. Rick tries to talk some sense into him, who explains that his son Duane was bitten and infected by his turned wife. Morgan explains that whenever he turned on his walkie-talkie every day, Rick never had his on. Rick invites Morgan to come with them to the Prison but Morgan refuses and he do not wish to see any more deaths. Meanwhile, Carl and Michonne returns with the supplies and Carl tells Rick that Michonne may be one of us. He said sorry to Morgan for shooting him. As they drive back, they saw the remains of the backpacker and his backpack. They stop and take the backpack with them.
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