Walking dead season 3 episode 11 – I ain’t a judas

Walking dead season 3 episode 11 – I ain’t a judas

After Governor’s attck, Rick and his group debate on their action plan. Hershel calls Rick and wants him to take action. In a Private moment, Carl tells his father to step down from the leadership until he recovers. At Woodbury, Andrea leans about the attack on the Prison and confronts the Governor who said he went for peace but was attacked. Governor begins to form an Army with anyone in the town who can shoot. Andrea seeks permission to go to the Prison but was refused a vehicle. Andrea ask Milton for help who refuses and tells Governor about it, Who instruct him to help her in the escape on foot. Outside woodbury, Andrea and Milton capture a walker and disable it, as Michonne had done, so Andrea may use it as camouflage among walkers

to reach Prison. Tyreese group after hearing Milton is living in a protected town asks for shelter and Milton takes them back to Woodbury and Andrea leaves for the Prison. Rick’s group open their gates for Andrea. Andrea wanted Rick to make peace with the Governor but they tells her about Governor’s attck. Michonne later tells Andrea that Governor sent Merle to kill her after she left Woodbury. Carol argues Andrea to leave for Woodbury and sleeping with the Governor to deter suspicion against her, then killing him while he sleeps. Hershel tries to connect with Merle and Merle tries to make up with Michonne. In Woodbury, Tyreese agrees to help the governor in his war with Rick’s group. Rick give a car and a gun to Andrea so she can return and he begins to plan his strike on Woodbury. Andrea lies in bed with the sleeping Governor and raises a knife to him but cannot bring herself to kill him.
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