Walking dead season 3 episode 1- Seed

Walking dead season 3 episode 1- Seed

The group survived winter with no deaths. Lori is 8 months pregnant. The froup finds the prison after

being on the road for several months. Rick, Daryl, T-Dog, Glenna and Maggie fights off the walkers outside the prison.

They decide to make prison a safe place to live. Lori thinking that Rick hates her and is fearful for her unborn child, confides

with hershel. Michonne with whom Andrea survived the winter seel a safer place. Rick and group clear the prison and make it a safe place to live.

Rick takes T-dog, glenn, daryl, maggies and Hershel to clear off otherr cells but they get seperated and hershel

while searching for Glenn and Maggie got bitten on the leg bu a walker. They rush Hershel to the Prison cafeteria where rick

amputates the leg while T-dog holds off the walker. Five Prison survivor trapped in cafeteria and surviving on pantry food hear the commotion and

come to the location.

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