Walking dead season 1 episode 6 “Ts-19”

In a flashback to the initial walker attack. Shane attempts to move rick out of the  hospital but is unable to do so. Thinking that Rick is dead. all shane can do is barricade rick’s door and flee the hospital. At present, the group enjoys hot shoer and wine. Drunk shane tries to defend his actions to Lori that he thought Rick was dead and tried to force him on Lori but she fights him off. The next morning Dr. Jenner showed that group a computer model called Test Subject 19, its the process in the brain when a person is bitten by a walker. Subsequently, the group  discovers that once the power supply is totally finished, the building will decontaminate by seld-destructing.Dr. Jenner locks them in by telling that suck a end is human and is painless but the group thinks otherwise and believe that they can survice and attempts to break out. Rick convinces Jenner and he opens the door. one of the memeber, Jacqui, tells the that she will stay with JENNER AND DIE WITH HIM. Andrea initially chooses the same fate but dale says that if she satys then so do he. This eventually convinces her to leave with the group.Carol gives rick a bomb which she found in his clothes while doing the laundry, they blew up one of the windows and drove off while the building explodes.

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