walking dead season 1 episode 2 -Guts

Walking Dead Season 1 episode 2 -Guts

Lori is surprized by Shane in the woods and end up having sex. Rick escapes the tank with Glenn’s help, thew voice he heard over the radio.Rick and Glenn catched with Glenn’s frinds, a team of survivors. Which is a subset of the larger group thatincludes, Lori, Shane and Carl. Glenn’s friend inform him that due to Rick’s shooting spree the hideout in a department store has got walkers attention. Emotions were high in the group, particularly between a black man, T-Dog,
and an unknown White man, Merle Dixon, whick leads Rick to tie him up to a pipe on the store’s roof. As the walkers
attempt to break the safe store, a radio contact is made with Shane’s group who was unaware about Rick’s presence and thus decide they were unable to
help. Rick and Glenn make a plan to draws walkers attention by coveriing themselves with terminated walker’s blood and
and making their way to a box truck. Glenn draws their attention away from the store by racing around a dodge challenger
and sounding its alarm. The groups escapes the city along with Glenn leaving Merle chained to the pipe after T-Dog
accidentally drops the handcuff key down a drain.

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