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Walking dead season 6 Episode 3 – Thank You

  •   Episode 3: After hearing the Horn, Rick tells Michonne and Glenn to guide the volunteers to the safe zone and also advises that not everyone will make it so abandon that person who slows them down. Rick leaves to check if walkers are moved away as they planned. However, things turn ugly as the Alexandrian either flee or killed or bitten by the walkers. Since majority of them are injured they decided to stop at nearby town to treat scott’s leg and also to check if they can get a vehicle. However, they are surrounded by walkers and they were forced to take shelter in the nearby pet shop. Glenn step up with an idea to distract the walkers by setting a building on fire and Nicholas helps and suggests the building. As they leave the pet store, the herd of walkers arrives forcing them to leave without setting the building on fire leaving Michonne, Heath, Scott, David and Annie in the store. When the walkers attack the store Michonne’s group flees and David and Annie are left behind. On the other hand Glenn Nicholad are trapped by the walkers. After noticing 5that there’s no way out, Nicholas thanks Glenn and commits suicide by falling off the dumpster and dragging Glenn off the safety into the ravenous horde, where glenn is seemingly devoured by the walkers. in a fight with a walker rick injured his hand. At his motor he tries to connect with Daryl, Sasha, Abraham, Glenn and Tobin through his Walkie-talkie, though they didnt respond. He is ambushed by the wolves which morgan had let go replica watches. He kills the attacker and he found baby sauce in their pocket and he knew that Alexandria was attacked. Even after knowing this, Rick still is unable convince himself and lead the walkers away from Alexnadria.


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