The Walking Dead Season 6 Start to finish – Mid Season Finale

“Start to Finish” after having a relatively moment of peaceful life the resident of Alexandria ends up in trouble again. This time around situation is “too big to defeat”.

A herd of walkers breaks into Alexandria. Rick, Gabriel, Carl, Jessie and her kids Sam and Ron attempts to escapes and disguise as walkers. Sam couldn’t hold on and get noticed and bit by walkers,

So far the season 6 of The Walking Dead has been rather dry if we compare it to other seasons. The probable high point of the season was Glenn’s death (which is exactly not a high point if we look at it that way). There are a number of things that don’t work for the season. We will talk about them later.

Here we will talk about the mid-season finale episode, Start to Finish

‘Start to finish’ will probably reset the season for good. It will be the last episode till February. Not much has been spoken or revealed about the episode, so here we are going to talk about how the characters might.

Rick – Throughout the season it is clear that Rick is having trouble accepting Alexandrians as they are and the feeling is mutual. In terms of their relationship, not much has changed. Some Alexandrians liked Rick, some didn’t. Many of the Alexandrians have fallen to the walkers and some to the wolves. IT is high time that the Alexandrians stop blaming for everything. It would have been a possibility that all of them would have been dead if not for Rick and his group. Also, Rick has to stop thinking that they are a bunch of dreamy eyed fools and give them due credit where they deserved. Both the groups either stick together or fall apart.


Morgan – Morgan is a changed man since we last saw him in a previous season. The fans of the show appreciate his no-kill code, and they would love it to work out, but they do not want him to do something silly, which might get someone else killed, someone we do not want to die. He needs to be smart. Remember he has already spared the life of the head wolf, we just hope he doesn’t come back again to h(a)unt the Alexandrians. We also don’t mind him killing people because that would be just great.

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha aren’t coming back? – Based on always accountable we have a feeling that the trio might not come back to Alexandria to take care of the walkers. The call for help on the radio might indicate that the trio is heading off to a different side story. Despite all this, we do hope that they come back in order to get rid of the walkers because the rocket launcher which they have will come handy. It seems that these three are the only ones who can save Alexandria, only because they are outside it.

Gabriel – Well, to be honest, I have never come across a more annoying character in a series than Gabriel. His mere presence is an annoyance. As it is he was not one of the favourite characters in the series (because he is a wimp of the highest order), when he spoke against Rick and his group, that was the last straw. If he dies, no would miss him. It will probably like redemption for the makers for introducing him. Not that he is unlikeable, but he could certainly do something good in the season

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