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Walking dead season 6 Epsiode 1 Preview AMC

In a Flashbackreveals the aftermath of the death of Pete and Meg and the arrival of Morgan.
Tara recovers from coma and noboby wants to trus Fr. Gabriel after his betrayel. Glenn lies about how
Nicholas led him outside of Alexandria to kill him. Rick taked pracaution and put more people on
watch after learning about the wolves. After Burying Reg, Rick and Deanna decides to bury Pete
outside of Alexandria and rick discovers a heard to walkers and they concluded that the quarry is
keeping Alexandria safe from the undead. Rick rescues Pete’s son from a walker attack and scold him
for going outside own him own. In a meeting Rick proposes a plan to get rid of the walkers before they could
break free. The plan was approved by Deanna but Carter opposes it. During the constructio of the wall Carter’s
group was attacked by Walkers. Carter’s group was left alone by Rick so that they could
learn how to fight. When carter’s group was paralyzed in fear, Rick’s group arrives and save them .
This motivates Carter to tell other Alexandrians to overthrow Rick. Eugene overheard this and was caught by
Carter who almost shoots him but Rick arrives and in turn threatnes him and spare him. Rick invites Morgan
too his place and after the course Rick rallies the volunteers to the quarry for a dry run and noticed
a truck blocking the exit topples and frees the herd, this forces the group to finish the plan before time.
Glenn, Nicholas and Heath decides to kill a group of walkers trapped in a shop between the quarry and Alexandra
as they thing the noise might distract approaching walkers. Nicholas saves Heath from being bitten by a walker to
whom Glenn refuses at first. After several hurdles Rick’s plan is about to succeed but a loud horn
attracts the walkers towards Alexandria.

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