Walking dead season 5 Episode 9 – What happened and What´s Going On

Walking dead season 5 Episode 9 – Putlocker

Everybody is shocked and sad after what happened at the hospital. To honor Beth´s promise they tell Noah that Rick, Tyreese, Glen and Michonne will travel with him to his hometown not far away from Richmond. As they arrive there, they find that there are only walkers in the town. This is a great shock for Noah, who suddenly starts running to his home. Tyreese runs after him and finds him standing inside looking at the remains of his mother and his twin brothers. Tyresse goes to look around the house and is attacked and bitten by one of Noah´s brothers who turned into a walker. Noah gets rid of the walker and runs to find the rest of the group who are searching the town for some supplies. Tyreese is having halucinations caused by strong bleeding. IN his halucinations he sees Martin, Bob, The Governor, Lizzie, Mika, and Beth. They try to calm him down saying that it will all be fine except for Martin and the Governor, who are trying to challenge his character and his strenght by reminding him of his past.


What happened and What´s Going On – Amc

In the meantime Michonne keeps saying that she would like to stay at one place as she is tired of the neverending travelling. Her suggestion to stay in this town is challenged by Rick who points out that they would not be able to defend themselves against walkers. Michonne then suggests to go to Washington, pointing out that maybe Eugene lied about the cure, but he was right when he said that Washington is the best place for surviving all of this. Rick agrees but they are interrupted by Noah who calls for help. In an attempt to save Tyreese Michone amputates his arm. They manage to escape from walkers. ON the way back to the rest of the group Tyreese dies. The group then burries him.

Walking dead season 5 Episode 10 – “Them”

Walking dead season 5 Episode 10 – Amc

The group is driving in a van to Washington DC, when the van breaks down and they ave to continue walking. As they are very tired and with only a few supplies, they start to doubt if they can survive the journey. And the deaths of Beth and Tyreese not so long ago adds to the low spirit of the group. AS they travel, they are closely followed by a herd of walkers. Rick comes up with a plan to get rid of them by making them fall of the bridge. But Sasha turns and attacks the walkers with knife adn the rest of the group needs to attack the walkers in order to survive. Sasha is then told off by Michone for being reckless and Michone warns her that she might end up like her brother. As the group takes a rest, a group of feral dogs come near and are killed by Sasha. The group then eats the dog meat. Daryl, driven by griev and emotions starts to hurt himself. While away from the group, Daryl finds a barn in the woods and returns back to the group to tell them about it.


They find water bottles lying in the middle of a road with a note saying from a friend. The group decides to leave the water as it might be a trap. Suddenly it starts raining allowing the group to catch the rainwater. But the rain soon turns into a huge thunderstorm. The group takes the water bottles and hide in the barn. As they wait there, Rick tells the group that in order to survive they have to do what they have to do and they should think of themselves as „the walking dead“. Daryl sees a group of walkers coming to the barn. The group manages to baricade the door. The next morning they discover that the storm decimated all the walkers. Maggie and Sasha go out to watch a sunrise. A man comes to them, introduces himself as Aaron and asks to talk to Rick.

Walking dead season 4 episode 5 – Internment

After Returning, Ricks tells Hershel and Maggie that Carol killed Karen and David, so he sent her away. Hershel continues to serve the ill and Sasha and Glenn assisted him. As the condition of the infection spread many reanimated as walkers. Despite the situation, Hershel remained optimistic and comforts the other people. The reanimated overrun the cell block and Hershel, Glenn, Sasha and Lizzie run for their lives. Hearing gunshot, Maggie rushes to the zone. Maggie manages to enter the cell block from the window and eliminated the walkers and rushes to her father’s aid. Hershel retrieves breathing apparatus for Glenn. As Carl reassures his father, Daryl’s group arrive and Bob manages medicine to the infected including Glenn and Sasha. Hershel after returning to his room break down in tears. When Daryl asks him about Carol Hershel advices him to speak with Rick. Michonnes and Hershel leave the prison to dispose off the walker corpes. As rick and Carl continue to tend to their corpes, the Goverson is believe to observing it.

Walking dead season 4 episode 9 – After

Walking dead season 4 episode 9 – After

Michonne returns to the prison with walkers camouflage and saw Hershel’s zombified head and leave without entering the Prison. Meanwhile, Rick and Carl encounter a diner and went in to collect supplies and kills a walker. They discover a reside in a house and Carl got angry on his father. Michonne finds Rick and Carl’s footprint but turns away from their trail. She later saw a nightmare that before the apocalypse she lived with her son and Mike and close associate Terry, the latter two eventually became the walkers pets after their death. Carl tries to awaken his father but no use. After hearing the noise two walkers started banging the door and Carl lures them away and get into a fight with the third walker and kills all three of them. After Rick gains conscious Carl tells his father about his inability to protect his own people and says he would be fine if Rick died. Carl travels to another house and nearly escapes a walker and ran out of ammunition. Same night Rick groans and reach out to Carl who think his father had reanimated nut Carl couldn’t shoot him.  Carl admits his weekness and realize that Rick is alive. Rick acknowledges Carl’s ability to survive and apologizes to him. Carl replies him that there’s no need to do so. Michonne regains her will and kill the small herd of walkers she was travelling with and also eliminated her Pets and started pursuing the trail of Rick and Carl. She find the location and knocks the door and Rick after looking through the hole tells Carl, it’s for you.



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Walking dead season 5 Episode 8 – “Coda”

Rick goes after Lamson in his car, runs him over and shoots. Rick then persuades the other two officers to lie to Dawn about Lamson´s death. They agree because they fear Dawn´s reaction to the truth.

At the hospital Beth and Dawn talk about recent events at the hospital. Dawn tries to explain that by covering up GOrdon´s death she was trying to protect her. Their conversation is overheard by a new officer O´Donnell. He tries to take advantage of it and blackmail Dawn. Beth and Dawn manage to kill him. Beth then acuses Dawn of manipulating her and tells her that she intends to escape.

After leaving the church Gabriel goes to old camp used by Gareth and his group. He finds there Bob´s roasted leg and heads back to the church. He is followed by a large group fo walkers who

managed to escape from a school. Carl and MIchonne let Gabriel in but the walkers follow and they are forced to escape through Gabriel´s exit. They then manage to lock the walkers in the church with help of Abraham and his group who just came. Glenn then tells everyone the truth about Eugene´s mission and MIchone informs Maggie that Beth is in the hospital in Atlanta.

Rick and his group go to the hospital to meet with Dawn and her officers. They succesfully exchange the officers for Carol with Beth, but then Dawn suddenly starts asking for Noah to return to the hospital. Rick is not willing to agree, but Noah offers to stay. Dawn is stabbed by Beth with scissors and shoots her. She is then immediately shot by angry Daryl. Everyone is getting ready to fight but then officers decide to stand down and Rick and his group leave the hospital. Outside they meet with Abrahams group. When seeing Beth´s body, Maggie colapses.

IN the post cresdit scene Morgan comes to Gabriel´s church, where he finds Abraham´s map intended for Rick

Walking Dead will use digital effect

Nicotero, who is designing the undead on both above shows, said: „ We have now reached a point where we need to digitally change some of the walkers. We´re adjusting the space under ribcages, moving noses and leaving cavities. These are sort of changes in the style of Bernie Wrightson. All these adjustments give us more flexibility and make things more interesting.“

He also says: „With each season we adjust the walkers. We play with teeth a lot, keep changing their look, so every season the walkers look a bit different, more decayed. For example we have added sagging flesh to arms, so it looks like the flesh is about to fall off.

But we have been told by showrunner Scott (M. Gimple) that the walkers can never be in a Ray Harryhausen style. The walkers always need to have some flesh, some muscles that keep the body moving.“

To explain the above references to those unfamiliar with the names, Ray Harryhausen was a man who created a lot of effects during 50s and 60s, including ´walking skeletons´ in movie Jason and the Argonauts. As the Walking Dead is show with zombies, not making them into skeletons is quite a clever decision. Bernie Wrightson was one of the first artists who were making horror comic books. A lot from his style of making zombies is used till now. Some examples can be the Creepshow or Swamp Thing.

As mentioned by Nicotero, this season will also involve much more walkers than any previous ones – in the shooting they used around 300 walkers at once. According to the showrunner, the zombies will become even more threatening than before, which does not sound good for the inhabitants of Alexandria Safe Zone. It will however be very exciting for all of us watching the show .

Talking Dead season 2 All Episodes

Talking Dead season 2 Episodes

Talking Dead season 2 Episodes


Release Date


Talking Dead season 2 Episode  1  Seed  Oct 14, 2012  5.8
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 2  Sick  Oct 21, 2012  5.5
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 3  Walk With Me  Oct 28, 2012  5.2
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 4  Killer Within  Nov 04, 2012  5.0
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 5  Say the Word  Nov 11, 2012  5.1
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 6  Hounded  Nov 18, 2012  4.0
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 7  When the Dead Come Knocking  Nov 25, 2012  4.5
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 8  Made To Suffer  Dec 02, 2012  4.1
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 9  The Suicide King  Feb 10, 2013  3.8
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 10  Home  Feb 17, 2013  3.5
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 11  I Ain’t a Judas  Feb 24, 2013  3.7
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 12  Clear  Mar 03, 2013  3.9
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 13  Arrow on the Doorpost  Mar 10, 2013  3.1
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 14  Prey  Mar 17, 2013  3.1
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 15  This Sorrowful Life  Mar 24, 2013  3.1
Talking Dead season 2 Episode 16  Welcome to the Tombs  Mar 31, 2013  3.1


Talking Dead season 4 All Episodes

Talking Dead season 4 Episodes

Talking Dead season 4 Episodes


Release Date


Talking Dead season 4 Episode  1  No Sanctuary  Oct 12, 2014  5.8
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 2  Strangers  Oct 19, 2014  5.5
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 3  Four Walls and a Roof  Oct 26, 2014  5.2
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 4  Self Help  Nov 02, 2014  5.0
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 5  Consumed  Nov 09, 2014  5.1
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 6  Crossed  Nov 16, 2014  4.0
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 7  Coda  Nov 23, 2014  4.5
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 8  What Happened and What’s Going On  Nov 30, 2014  4.1
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 9  Them  Feb 08, 2015  3.8
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 10  The Distance  Feb 15, 2015  3.5
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 11  Remember  Feb 22, 2015  3.7
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 12  Forget  Mar 01, 2015  3.9
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 13  Spend  Mar 08, 2015  3.1
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 14  Try  Mar 15, 2015  3.1
Talking Dead season 4 Episode 15  Conquer  Mar 22, 2015  3.1